AQAvit: Vitality Through Testing (Red Hat OpenDevHour)
AQA: You are Soaking In It (JFokus 2021)
From Sledgehammer to Fine Brush for QA (DevNexus 2021)
Dismantling Technical Debt and Hubris (Java Case Study for Developers 2021)
The Little Jenkinsfile that Could (Testing Stage 2021)

From Sledgehammer to Fine Brush for QA (Global Summit for Java Devs 2020)
Learning about Deep Learning: Applications for OpenJDK/Java Verification (FOSDEM 2019, Middleware User community 2020, Crowdcast 2020)
AdoptOpenJDK Quality Assurance (AQA): You are Soaking In It (DevNexus 2020)

Dealing with Verification Data Overload (jPrime 2019, Testing United 2019)
Tested for Business: An open and transparent quality kit (FOSDEM 2019, Heisenbug 2019, Open Source Summit 2019)
The Art of Scaffolding (Lightning talk and full presentation OSS 2018, Eurostar New Generation Keynote 2019)

AdoptOpenJDK: Ensuring Free Java for the Community (EclipseCon 2018)
Performance Testing for Everyone (EclipseDay India 2018, EclipseCon 2018)
Shaking Sticks and Testing OpenJDK Implementations (EclipseCon 2018)
Cloud-based Test Microservices (JavaOne 2017, Eurostar 2017, Bangalore Microservices Meetup 2018)