‘Abra-cadaver’ and other magical spells for better testing…

A recent fun exercise has been to think about what is so magical about the way we test…

and in a typical campy fashion, I conjured up several incantations of the top list of things that we have done in order to evolve our testing to prepare it for the open.  It has been an interesting journey so far, trying to defend actions that I believe are absolutely necessary, to others who have not spent much time thinking about this topic.

More on this to follow, but here is a little teaser…  to cast this spell out upon the test code repository, ‘abra cadaver’, identifies the dead tests, those tests that continue to run, despite not having unearthed any new defect in years.  This spell renders all who would argue for keeping stale tests silent.  Let’s take a peek at this and many more spells and charms that can make a small test team a mighty force…

‘Abra-cadaver’ and other magical spells for better testing…

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